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Fitness & Health

September 13, 2018

Whether you're Prairie folk facing snow already this fall or you're astonished by the monsoon rains here on the West Coast (wasn't summer just five minutes ago?), chances are the thought of getting outside for a walk, run, or bike ride is a a little less appealing these days.

Kia Porter Photography 

Cue the dance music on your iPhone and turn whatever space you have into a home gym. It doesn't take a lot of space or expensi...

September 7, 2018

Fall seems like a good time for resolutions: maybe, like me, you need a bit of a detox after summer. (Why does camping always have to call for endless amounts of potato chips?)

While we all might have the best intentions when it comes to working out, something usually gets in the way: work, kids, kids' activities, house-cleaning, cooking, fatigue, depression, laundry, taxes, social life, work.

Here are four ways to help start or...

July 28, 2018

There’s nothing quite like doing a new form of fitness going into it feeling like you’re in decent shape only to be reminded that maybe, in fact, you’re not.

Liquid Fit at the Westin Bayshore is one of those workouts that will challenge and humble anyone who’s never done it before.

It’s a combination of standup paddleboarding, yoga, and group fitness all done in a pool on Aquamats--wide, nonslip, inflatable pads.

Leading a recent...

June 27, 2018

Here are a few pointers on proper side planks, which are fantastic way to challenge and strengthen your core. 

Lift your hips up nice and high and hold them up high--even higher than in this photo! (It was hot out!)

You can do all sorts of variations; if you're comfortable resting on your hand instead of your forearm (which isn't for everyone, as it bothers some people's wrists), lift your opposite arm up to the sky and bring yo...

June 22, 2018

Hey everyone,

I love doing planks because they work your entire core--not just your external abdominal muscles but all of your abs and your back muscles as well. They're challenging, for sure; don't be discouraged if you need a break after a a few seconds or if you need to keep your knees on the ground. Any discomfort in the lower back is a red flag!  

The more you do these, the longer you'll be able to hold them. 

There are...

June 21, 2018

Lunges. Lots and lots of lunges. 

Today, I got to attend a workout hosted by KIND Snacks, a New York-based company that makes healthy, flavourful bars and other guilt-free treats. 

We had a 45-minute sweat session at the Westin Bayshore with a killer view: the pool, Coal Harbour, StanleyPark, the Lions Gate Bridge, and the North Shore mountains: talk about inspiration! 

Led by a handful of YVR fitness and yoga instructo...

May 20, 2015

Last fall, I started trail running with a group of amazing moms along the rugged trails in our spectacular neighbourhood of Lynn Valley. This weekend, I’m joining them on my first half-marathon, and I can’t wait.

The Half Corked Marathon takes place on Saturday (May 23) through the wineries and vineyards of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. You read that right. This is my kind of run!

Inspired by the legendary Medoc Marathon in Borde...

November 28, 2014

I had the pleasure of going for a run this morning with a super-fit personal-trainer friend (who didn't even charge me for getting me out on a lovely, hilly Lynn Valley trail). 

Had I not been attempting to keep up a conversation, these would have been my picks to help keep me going while she bounded up ahead of me, leaping over rocks and roots and sprinting up stairs:

- Beasie Boys' "So What'cha Want"

I love that this tune has a...

June 8, 2014

Imagine this, parents: a trip to Whistler that didn't involve a stop at that playground near the Olympic rings.

Granted, as far as playgrounds go, that one is pretty fine, what with its rubbery turf and all. But I sure enjoyed not having to hang out there this weekend, a getaway for our 10th anniversary.

 The highlight: hopping on our bikes on Saturday and cycling for hours. I'm not talking hard-core uphill stuff. I'm t...

January 6, 2014

Heather Cunliffe opened Cafe Bliss in 2008 in Victoria with a simple goal: to provide pure nourishment. Her brother, Joe Cunliffe, joined the team in 2011 and together the siblings have drawn a loyal following of health-conscious individuals who come to Bliss for unique local, raw, organic food. They've gone on to open Be Love, a Blanshard Street resto with raw and cooked food. 

Heather Cunliffe

She shares a rec...

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